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Welcome to this free to view and download collection of children's short stories, picture books, and gallery of artwork.  

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Portfolio of Published Work

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New Books
For Younger Children
For Older Children
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Below are pictures more suited to the screens of smaller devices


A picture book for older and younger children 

for Teenagers & Older, and Not Quite so Old, Children

Minty finds a remarkable mouse.

Picture Books for Younger Children

Picture Books for Older Children

The Grunnick   Nothing but hot air.

Sunbeam Jewel A little piece of sun.

  Beaky and Squeaky   Possomly's Bomb

Dolls and dolphins.      Beaky and Squeaky

  Prehistoric astronauts.        Possomly's Bomb

  Ganesha, the Elephant-faced God  

Ganesha  The trouble with tusks.

Mr Blot   How to fill in forms. 


Two dragons - one forest!          Bumblechunk

The Devil meets his match.    Giselidis

Dancing Cloud and the Dragon Kite  
The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Dancing Cloud  Kites, clouds and gods.

Sorcerer's Apprentice  The original version.

  Barnaby Bell's Hot Air Balloon   The Love for Three Oranges

Inventor in a wig.  Hot Air Balloon

An obsession for fruit.  Love for Three Oranges

  Barnaby's Blunder  

King of Dolphin Island

Barnaby Bell  First contact - by mistake!

Dolphin Island  Ghosts and a volcano.

    An Odd Alphabet

Embroidery for a greedy queen.  Tailor and Magician

Ever heard of a Poggle?  Odd Alphabet


Sparrow's Nest  House hunting for birds.

Devil Dancer  Tango with a tidal wave.

Unfinished Picture Books
Hatching a surprise. Fantasy football.
Fun for frogs. Doorway to a different dimension.
Incomplete Picture Book
from "How to Draw Insects in Simple Steps" published by The Search Press
from "How to Draw Dinosaurs in Simple Steps" published by The Search Press

World in Your Kitchen Calendar 2012

for The New Internationalist and Amnesty
Illustrations, Flower Drawings, Paisley Patterns, John Gay's Fables, Sketchbook, and other Artwork.

Mostly of flowers, but also shells, frogs, rats, rabbits and the Southbank.

The PDFs of these pictures are between 1MB and 2MB


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