The Tailor & Magician

In an attic, high in a palace, lived a tailor and his white cat.

From morning to night he sewed dresses for the vain Queen.

When he had finished a gown for the Queen, he washed the dust of the attic from it.

While the gown was hanging on the line to dry, it was stolen by a plump fairy and two white storks.

The Queen was very angry.

Her guards sent the tailor out into the forest to search for the gown.

The forest was full of strange birds and flowers.

The tailor sat down to rest.

A magician suddenly appeared.

She pointed to a storks' nest.

The birds had used the missing gown to line it.

The fairy gave the gown to the tailor.

The magician did not want him to take it back to the Queen.

The tailor refused to listen and returned to the palace.

The Queen put the gown on.

Chickens, hedgehogs, mice, ducks and small dragons jumped from its folds.

The Queen was furious.

The tailor tried to run away.

He was caught and the Queen ordered her executioner to chop off his head.

Before the axe could fall, the fairy and two white storks snatched the tailor up.

They carried him to a castle in the middle of a sea.

The castle belonged to the magician.

The tailor decided it would be safer to stay with her after all.

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