Mr Blot

Sophie loved to watch television.

She liked to learn about politics and other cultures.

She found gardening interesting as well.

One day, Sophie watched TV for so long, the living room disappeared.

She found herself walking along a twisting path.

The path led to a tall building propped up by a mountain.

Below it was a river of lemonade.

Before Sophie could enter the building, an officious teapot stopped her.

'Who are you?' she demanded.

'Cedric Hieronymus Blot,' said the teapot, 'And you aren't allowed in here. You have to fill in a form.'

Before Sophie could tell him to go away, she found herself on a raft.

'Why are we being rowed by a badger in a long scarf?'

'The hedgehogs refuse to do it,' explained Mr Blot.

Without warning, the badger turned into a chest of drawers. The raft became a Victorian dining room.

When she looked in a mirror, Sophie had changed into a marigold.

'You're not allowed to take root in this lawn, y'know,' said Mr Blot, 'you will have to fill in a form.'

A hedgehog thistle pricked Sophie and a giraffe hollyhock sneered down.

'I warned you not to take root there. You should have filled in a form.'

Mr Blot was beginning to annoy Sophie.

Before she could tell him just how much he annoyed her, they were suddenly falling.

Sophie and Mr Blot landed by the entrance to the laboratory of a mad scientist.

'Cracked teapot?' she asked. 'Let me weld it for you.'

The scientist led Sophie and Mr Blot through a mineshaft. It was the only way to reach her laboratory.

Creatures were drilling ready cut gems from the rock.

The scientist and Sophie were pushed in a trolley by one of the miners.

Mr Blot had to walk.

Inside the laboratory Sophie's brother was measuring volcanic steam.

Mr Blot was tired. He sat on a bump in the floor.

A volcano erupted underneath him.

Everything was blown sky high.

Sophie woke up.

Her mother was pouring tea from her large pink teapot.

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