Griselidis was the lover of Alain, a shepherd.

One day the Marquis who ruled the region saw her.

He was so overwhelmed by her beauty he asked Griselidis to marry him.

To Alain' s horror, she agreed.

Griselidis and the Marquis were happy and had a small son.

One day Gondebaut, the Marquis' servant, had some news. He told Bertrade, the maid of Griselidis, that the Marquis was going to join the crusade to the Holy Land.

The prior warned the Marquis that he should not leave Griselidis alone for so long.

The Marquis insisted that his wife would never look at another man while he was away. He was willing to declare his trust in Griselidis before the Devil.

Unfortunately, the Devil heard.

He persuaded the Marquis to make a wager to prove his belief in Griselidis.

Griselidis and her son, Loys, said goodbye to the Marquis.

Then the Crusaders sailed for the Holy Land.

Not many knew that the Devil had a wife called Fiamina.

Even fewer would have guessed that he was afraid of her.

She caught him picking flowers and chasing butterflies.

Fiamina made her husband admit that he had entered a wager with the Marquis.

The idea amused Fiamina, so she decided to help.

The Devil showed Griselidis to Fiamina as she gazed out to sea.

Soon afterwards Griselidis had two exotic visitors from the Holy Land.

The merchant showed her the ring of the Marquis. He claimed that Griselidis' husband intended to marry his Persian companion when he returned from the crusades.

Griselidis said that if her husband had really decided to do that she would accept it.

The Devil had expected Griselidis to be upset.

Fiamina found it funny.

The Devil was furious.

He summoned the demons of the night from their caves.

The demons invaded the dreams of Griselidis.

She found herself in a strange garden with Alain, her first love.

While Griselidis was trapped in the dream garden, the Devil carried away her son, Loys.

Another mysterious visitor arrived as Griselidis prayed for the safe return of her son.

He told her that a pirate had taken Loys. All the brigand wanted for the child’s safe return was a kiss from his mother.

Before setting off to rescue Loys, Griselidis dipped a dagger in holy water for protection.

As Griselidis ran down to the pirate ship her husband returned.

Still in disguise, the Devil tried to convince the Marquis that she was going to see a lover.

The Marquis spotted his own ring on the stranger's hand. He had given it to the Devil to seal their wager.

The Marquis realised that the Devil was trying to trick him.

When Griselidis returned he was waiting to greet her.

Angry, the Devil was determined that they would never see their son again.

Griselidis and the Marquis prayed to Saint Agnes.

The saint returned their son, Loys, and presented the Marquis with a fiery sword to fight evil.

The Devil was disgusted.

Not wanting to go home to his scornful wife, to he found a cave to sulk in instead.

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