Bumblechunk and Tangletoof

This forest was once full of flowers and fruit.

Tangletoof was a red and orange dragon.

He lived on one side of the forest.

Bumblechunk was a green and yellow dragon and lived on the other side of the forest.

Bumblechunk did not know about Tangletoof.

Tangletoof did not know about Bumblechunk.

One day a large swarm of Lunchies arrived.

They started to eat the fruit and flowers.

Some of the animals dashed off to tell Tangletoof.

Tangletoof set out to shoo the Lunchies away.

Another group of animals ran off to tell Bumblechunk.

Then Bumblechunk set out to scare off the Lunchies.

Before either of the dragons met the Lunchies, they met each other.

The dragons were angry.

They forgot about the Lunchies and began to fight each other.

While the dragons fought, the animals watched the Lunchies munching their way through the forest.

Soon, all that remained was the bare earth.

The swarm of Lunchies flew off to find another forest.

At last Tangletoof and Bumblechunk were too tired to fight any more.

The animals left in disgust.

The dragons looked about them.

Where had the forest gone?

Tangletoof and Bumblechunk sat and wondered how such an awful thing could have happened,

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