Beaky and Squeaky

Suki and George liked to visit the market with their father to see the stall of dolls.

Only the tourists could afford to buy them.

The parents of Suki and George made dresses for a living.

They sewed together a rag doll for their children with odd pieces of material.

Suki and George called their doll Mr Otto.

Their scarlet macaw, Snabberpuss, was very jealous of him.

Snabberpuss seized Mr Otto and dropped him into the sea.

Mr Otto floated for a moment, then sank.

Suki and George were upset.

Their Aunt Alice was on the beach cooking shellfish.

She laughed at what Snabberpuss had done and whistled at the waves.

Two dolphins appeared.

Alice called them Beaky and Squeaky.

The dolphins dived down to look for Suki and George's doll.

While they searched for Mr Otto, Beaky and Squeaky had to hide from some killer whales.

The dolphins swam deeper and deeper to escape.

They met some very strange fish.

Beaky and Squeaky eventually had to swim to the surface to breathe.

Then they looked for Mr Otto again.

A turtle told them where to find him.

A spiny urchin had caught the rag doll.

Beaky and Squeaky pushed Mr Otto to the surface.

Suki and George danced with joy when they saw their doll.

While Mr Otto dried by Aunt Alice's fire, Suki and George rode on the dolphins’ backs.

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