Barnaby Bellís Hot Air Balloon

Barnaby Bell was an inventor.

One night he noticed some dandelion seeds floating over a candle flame.

This gave him an idea.

He tried to describe the new invention to his friends.

They were bored.

Barnaby Bell was not put off. He started work on his hot air balloon.

The tame animals in his garden watched.

When the balloon was finished, Barnaby filled it with hot air.

The animals joined him in the gondola just as it took off.

Barnaby flew his balloon over the park where his fine friends were walking.

He swooped down on them.

Barnaby and the animals then sailed out over the sea.

They came to a large batch of green seaweed.

A ship loomed towards them.

It was very old and had broken masts.

Barnaby caught its railing with a small anchor.

They all jumped out to explore.

Barnaby and the animals were on a ship full of ghosts.

A pirate crew killed in battle haunted it.

Barnaby and his friends fled back to the hot air balloon.

Barnaby released the balloon's anchor and it leapt high into the air.

The balloon floated back to land.

The hot air ran out and the balloon fell to earth.

Barnaby and his balloon landed in a duck pond.

A farmer took everyone home in his cart.

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